By umidrb

Description: A simple text typing game for

How to play: Letters will fly across the screen. You need to type the letter when it reaches the middle of the screen. Your currently selected letter has a square icon above it.

It starts out easy but very quickly it will get very hard. On each level you have 3 tries to complete the sentence. you can skip a letter by simply pressing any key other than the wanted letter. You may then type this letter on one of the later tries. If the letter is in the middle of the screen it wil lturn green, it will turn yellow or range if it close and it will turn red if you miss. You can only get points for each letter once, so there is no need to type them again on a later try. It is better to make all the letters green then to complete them all on the first pass.

There are 10 levels in total and the last few are very hard!